Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meet Malefa Topo, researcher and project manager

Malefa Topo is the recipient of our Master’s bursary for 2015 and she joins the project as a full-time master’s by research student and project manager.

Malefa is a Wits graduate, having completed her B.Com (honours) degree in the department of Information Systems in 2014. During her honours program, Malefa researched the use of Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR) in health facilities, and health consumers’ satisfaction with the quality of health services. In her application letter for the project bursary she said that doing research in her honours programme “helped me develop a strong passion and enthusiasm to carry out further research studies”.

Her long term career goal is to be a project manager in the information systems field.

Although a South African, Malefa grew up in Lesotho and completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at the National University of Lesotho. She attended school at Holy Family High School where she was Head Girl. She describes herself as an extrovert and is a natural leader.

We are delighted to have her join the project. She has already contributed to our research plans for 2015 and her excellent organising has made a positive impact on the project.