Thursday, 17 September 2015

Performative Urbanisms seminar

Prof Jason Cohen, Prof Judy Backhouse and Mitchell Hughes from the IS for Smart Cities in Africa project were guests of the Wits City Institute on Thursday the 10th September where they presented some of our research at the Johannesburg: Performative Urbanisms seminar. This seminar, subtitled “Fighting for and over the city: Expressing the city: Knowing the city”, brought together thinkers around these themes to develop a special edition of the journal Thesis Eleven on, in and around the city of Johannesburg.

The IS for Smart Cities in Africa project contributed a panel to the second day of the proceedings discussing the analytical frames we have been using as well as research results focusing on the relationship between connected living and quality of life and the preferences residents express for different information sources. Addressing an audience mostly outside of the Information Systems discipline proved to be an interesting and thought-provoking challenge.

The seminar was hosted at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study and the University of Johannesburg.

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